Get an FSSAI License?

How to get FSSAI License

How to Get an FSSAILicense for a Food Business Easily?

Food business operators in India need to get FSSAI licenses as they deal with food which is the most important requirement of human beings. FSSAI basic registration or license ensures that the food offered by a particular business aligns with the food safety regulations put down by the FSSAI. FSSAI, or the Food Safety and Standard Authority in India, is an autonomous and authorised body to offer food licenses in Bangalore to food businesses. Get all the information you must have to take up the FSSAI registration procedure here.

Get a Food License Registration Certificate

The FSSAI is a consolidating statute concerning food regulation and safety in India. This institution ensures that all food products manufactured or supplied in India undergo proper quality checks. The objective is to curtail the sale of low-quality food products and food adulteration. The FSSAI is responsible for providing food licenses in Bangalore and other states while laying down the rules and regulations for operating a food business in any part of India. Every food business operator engaged in the processing, manufacturing, distribution, storage and selling of different food products must obtain an FSSAI license or registration. Businesses with a food license get a 14-digit license or registration number to be printed on all their food packages. This number gives the details of the producer's permit and assembling state. The FSSAI registration procedure creates more responsibility for the FBOs to maintain the quality of their food products. The registration and licensing requirements are procedures regulated by Food Safety & Standards regulations, 2011.

Types of FSSAI Registrations

FSSAI registrations are entirely based on business turnover, types and production capacity. Based on their installed turnover and manufacturing capacity, food business operators in India need to get the FSSAI license. There are three types of FSSAI registrations, which include:

FSSAI Basic Registration

Food businesses with a yearly turnover of less than Rs. 12 lakhs should get the FSSAI Basic License by filling in Form A.

FSSAI State License

FBOs with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 12 lakhs and less than Rs. 20 crores need to obtain FSSAI State License by filling in Form B.

FSSAI Central License

Food businesses with a yearly turnover of more than Rs. 20 crores must obtain FSSAI Central License by filling out Form B.

Food License Registration (FSSAI) Procedure

The procedure of FSSAI registration starts with user registration. The FBO or food business operator must get to the FoSCoS or Food Safety and Compliance System's official site and sign up, providing their mobile number, name, email ID, Login ID and password. Once they do this, they will get a verification code on their registered mobile number and mail. They must give this verification code in the provided box to verify the details provided. Once they successfully sign up onto FoSCoS, FBOs can enter the site by providing their username and password.

Further steps to complete the FSSAI registration procedure go like this:

  • Going for the FSSAI online registration procedure means you already have the username and password to log in to the FoSCoS portal. Once you do this, you will get a dashboard where you need to click on the registration or license option. Do this and then choose the Apply for New registration option.
  • Now choose the state and go through the note carefully before proceeding. Also, go through the group heads of types of businesses to select your business type. Make sure to choose the right button as [per your business turnover and proceed to complete the FSSAI application.
  • Fill in all the compulsory fields and furnish all details carefully. Also, upload all relevant documents and pay the fee using available modes.

Once you complete the fee payment, you will get a receipt with a 17-digit reference number to be used for future reference.

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration

You require the following documents for FSSAI registration:

  • Photo ID proof of FBO.
  • Proof of business premises possession.
  • Business constitution certificate.
  • List of different food items processed or manufactured.
  • Food safety management system plan
  • Bank details

You also need various other FSSAI registration documents like a copy of the license from the manufacturers, NOC by Panchayat or Municipality and Health NOC.

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration

One of the greatest benefits of FSSAI registration is that registered businesses can regulate, store, distribute, manufacture or sell all kinds of food products. Businesses with FSSAI licenses can also avail several legal advantages; ensure complete food safety; build goodwill; look for business expansion and create customer awareness.

FSSAI Fees Payment Online

It is important to make FSSAI online fee payment when submitting the FSSAI registration form. FSSAI registration fees online payment can be made on the FSSAI website by clicking on the Pay Online link. You will get a drop-down menu where you need to select the Food License fee and provide all details in subsequent fields. You must also give your FSSAI registration number and the amount you want to pay. You can make online payments through debit cards, credit cards and net banking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get an FSSAI license for the home kitchen?

No, there is no fee for stamp duty or capital gain on conversion.

  • Have a business plan.
  • Define your annual turnover.
  • Understand the type of license necessary for your home kitchen.
  • Complete the application form and paperwork.
  • Pay the charges
  • Submit your application.

How much time does it take to get FSSAI license?

After submitting the form and the documents, it takes around 60 days to get the FSSAI license.

How to get an FSSAI license number online?

To get your FSSAI license number online:

  • Get to the FoSCoS site and click on the Login-Business option on the homepage.
  • Put in your username, password, and captcha and click the Sign-In button.
  • On the dashboard displayed on the screen, click on the Issued option.
  • Next, click on the Issued License option and the Issued-registration Certificate option.
  • This will get your food license registration certificate on the screen with all details. Here you can find your FSSAI license number.

How to get an FSSAI license in Bangalore?

To get an FSSAI license in Bangalore, try getting hold of the best-chartered accountants in Bangalore Knowledgeable and experienced chartered accountants will offer you the right assistance in availing FSSAI license.

How much does it cost to get FSSAI license?

The fee for obtaining the basic FSSAI license is fixed at Rs. 100, an annual charge. Fees for FSSAI State License may range between Rs. 2, 000 and Rs. 5, 000 a year, while the fee for the FSSAI Central License is fixed at Rs. 7, 500 a year.

Where to get an FSSAI license?

Food business operators can get the FSSAI license online simply by filling out and submitting the FSSAI registration form or Form A, Application for Registration. You can also fill in and submit Form B or the State and Central License application on the FoSCoS website. Food business operators can register offline by submitting Form A or B to the FSSAI department.

Is getting FSSAI difficult?

No, it is not very difficult to get an FSSAI license. Your product and product quality should speak volumes about your merchandise quality and ensure you meet the food safety standards.

Can I sell food products without FSSAI?

No, you cannot sell food items without FSSAI. To ensure wholesome and safe food for consumption, Section 31 (1) of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, requires FSSAI licenses for every food business.

Can I start a food business without FSSAI?

No, you cannot start a food business without FSSAI. FBOs can obtain FSSAI licenses or registration according to the nature and size of their business.