Food license renewal


FSSAI Food Safety License Renewal

In India, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is essential to maintaining the quality and safety of food items. Amidst the mounting apprehensions over food safety in the nation, the regulatory body has required companies operating in the food sector to secure the appropriate FSSAI license or registration based on their qualifications and ensure it is renewed on time.

Through the food license renewal process, the Food Safety and Standards (Licencing and Registration of Food Business), Regulations 2011's requirements for business compliance are reviewed and updated by the FSSAI, ensuring that the FBO's operations remain compliant. You must renew your license on time to prevent fines, legal repercussions, and interruptions to your business.

The FSSAI's registration or license's validity

Have you verified that your FSSAI registration certificate or license is still valid? FBOs with a lifetime validity are not eligible to receive licenses or registrations from the FSSAI. These must be renewed regularly since they have a limited expiration date.

The duration of FSSAI licenses and registrations has varied from one to five years, contingent upon the applicant's selection and the payment of application costs. However, the validity provisions are now different starting on January 12, 2023, per an FSSAI ruling of January 11, 2023.

The food license renewal process

Renewing an FSSAI license or registration is done online. To opt for food license renewal online or registration, complete Form B and attach digital copies of all the necessary paperwork.

  • Submit Form A or B based on the Food Business Operator's eligibility. The forms that include the FBO's business activity are Forms A and B. The applicant's self-attested declaration must be submitted with these forms. The declaration should cover adherence to the Food Safety and Standard Act's regulations.
  • Verification is the second stage of FSSAI license renewal process. The authorities would review the submitted application. Additionally, they will set up an examination at the aforementioned company location if necessary. The verification aims to ensure that the information provided is truthful, legitimate, and correct to the best of the applicant's knowledge.
  • The completion stage of food license online renewal is the third phase. The FBO will receive the food license by the verification outcome. The applicant may expect to receive the license in a maximum of sixty days. The applicant may raise concerns about the food license if, after 60 days, they do obtain it.

What is the right time to apply for FSSAI license renewal?

According to the new food and safety license renewal directive of January 11, 2023, FBOs can renew their licenses and registrations as early as 180 days before they expire, starting on January 12, 2023. The license or registration in question may be issued at any moment throughout this window up until the date of expiration without incurring late fines. You can better comprehend with the aid of the example below.

  • What happens, though, if your FSSAI registration or license expires? As long as you pay late penalties (Rs. 100 per day of delay), you can renew it after the expiration date for 180 days.
  • The license or registration will be canceled or suspended once this time has passed and will not be eligible for renewal. To continue his food business operations, the FBO must seek a new license or registration.

The repercussions of not renewing your FSSAI license or registration

The license or registration will expire if the renewal application is not submitted by the deadline. In this case, the Food Business Operator must submit the renewal application with a late charge of Rs. 100 for each day of delay and during the following 180 days, that is, within 180 days after the expiry date.

The FBO will have to cease all commercial operations at the food unit and risk having his license or registration revoked or suspended if he misses this date as well. The food business operator must apply for a new food license or registration if it wishes to resume operations.

Paperwork needed for FSSAI license renewal online

The following paperwork must be submitted for food safety license renewal:

  • FSSAI license number
  • Evidence of the authorised signatory's identity
  • Verification of the business location's address
  • A license or certificate of FSSAI registration
  • Form A or B, based on the kind of license
  • Announcement of the food safety management strategy
  • Manufacturer's consent letter
  • Form IX, if appropriate, for an affidavit of proprietorship, partnership, or corporation

Benefits of renewing the license

  • Compliance: FSSAI food license renewal guarantees that your company complies with the standards set by the FSSAI for food safety and quality.
  • Credibility: Updating your FSSAI license gives your company more legitimacy and reassures clients that you adhere to the highest standards for food safety.
  • Competitive advantage: Your company will have an edge over unregistered enterprises with a valid FSSAI license.
  • Customer trust is increased when you renew your FSSAI license since it demonstrates your dedication to food safety and quality.


Certain licenses can be processed and approved easily because they fall under standard operating procedures. One of them is not the FSSAI license. Only a portion of the application process is completed online, and the procedure is partially automated. Comprehensive inspection is necessary due to the significance of upholding certain safety requirements. For this reason, seeking the advice of a qualified expert familiar with managing these procedures and comprehending the inspection process's inner workings is ideal. Please contact me if you have more questions about the FSSAI or need help with your food license renewal Bangalore. They will make sure you get the finest help available for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum period of food license registration that can be applied?

Generally, applications for food license registration are valid for a maximum of five years, after which they must be renewed.

How do I check if my FSSAI license is valid?

By utilising the offered license number verification tool on the FSSAI website, you may confirm the validity of your FSSAI license.

What is the penalty for the late renewal of the FSSAI license?

Depending on the extent of the delay, late FSSAI license renewals may result in fines, license suspension, or license revocation.

Is GST mandatory for FSSAI registration?

FSSAI registration and GST registration are unrelated. On the other hand, GST registration becomes required if your FSSAI-registered firm exceeds the GST revenue level.

Which are the three types of FSSAI licenses?

Depending on the size and kind of the food company, there are three different FSSAI licenses: Basic, State, and Central.